For CCA Alumni


Dear CCA Alumni,

Like you, we love this school for the rich creative experiences we shared here. As alumni, students, and former faculty, we want to celebrate the education we received and provided; we want to celebrate each generation of CCA students.

But, with 78 percent of the faculty working without a fair employment contract and without a living wage, the future of arts education at CCA is in peril.

Two years have passed since CCA adjunct faculty voted to join a union and bargain a contract with job security, fair wages, benefits, and a voice in college governance. Unfortunately, the administration has stubbornly created roadblocks all along the way.

The good news is alumni can help move the administration.

Unlike instructors, Alumni can speak freely with no fear of retaliation. The school relies on your reputation, your volunteerism, and your generous cash donations; this gives you tremendous power.

Please use that power now and pledge to WITHHOLD support for CCA until non-ranked faculty receives the respect they deserve in the form of a fair contract!

Together, we can create job security for CCA instructors, and preserve CCA’s creative culture for generations to come.

YES! I agree to withhold donations to CCA in the form of money or volunteering  until the administration reaches a fair agreement on job security, compensation, and working conditions with the non-ranked faculty union.

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